It’s truely exciting to be here with all of you today to share and celebrate a major milestone. The beginning of your journey in medicine and dentistry.

Its also truely humbling to stand here and face the great minds of the future and the healers of the future  at this White coat ceremony of University of Kyrenia Faculty of Dentistry. Many of you may ask what is a White coat ceremony.

The White coat ceremony is a ride of passage that welcomes you our dental students into the  dental proffession. As dental students, today, you’ll become bond by the same proffessional commitments that bind all clinicians.

This ceremony serves to join the symbol of the White coat with the virtuous of responsibility, honesty, respect and compassion as you embark on your studies.

Today with this White coat ceremony you are students at UoK make a declaration. A declaration of commitment to accept the obligations of dental student.. The White coat  reminds clinicians to lead their lives and practices their art with uprightness and honour.

The White coat which you will wear today for the very first time will change not only the way you feel but also  change the way that you are viewed by the others. Being cloaked by your teachers symbolizes the bond between student and teacher. It reminds us that your journey in becoming a health proffessional is achieved  hand in hand with the guidence of your teachers.

While cloaked by your White coat, you accept to provide the highest ethical care to each and everyone of your future patients and to meet the health needs of society.

It’s a big  responsibility that you will take on today. One that you worked long and hard to achieve.

Receiving your White coat today is intended to impress upon you the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and to encourage you to  accept the obligations inherit in the practice of dentistry.

To be excellent in science, to be compassionate and to lead lives of uprightness and honour.

In a few short moments you will take an oath.

Today the oath that you are taking  is your first step on a journey.  Your pledging estatement of intend to be ethical and honorable as a student. This oath applies not just to your profession but to your life as well.

In taking this oath, you are committing yourself to the highest standards of behaviour and practice.

I would like to have you reflect on a few words of advice. Be passionate, accept your passion, let your passion guide you. Be humble. Learn to have the integrity to recognize your gaps and knowledge..

A closing Word of to our students; Remember that you have chosen a proffession  that has great  privilege. You are priveledged to become part of the lives of your patients. LEarn to stand for truth , for reason, for science. Learn to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our dear students, speaking for all of the faculty staff and administration of UoK, we welcome you on this journey. We welcome you to the UoK family. Thank you and congratulations.