Vision and Mission

Values, Vision And Mission
The Faculty of Dentistry serves students, patients, educators and the region through its commitment to enhancing oral health. Our values, define our role in improving the overall health of communities in Kyrenia.

Our Values; Compassion,  Excellence, Equality,  Trustworthiness, Innovation and Secularism.

Our Vision
The University of Kyrenia, Faculty of Dentistry will lead the profession in international dental education and outreach to provide comprehensive care for each patient.

Our Mission
The mission of the University of Kyrenia, Faculty of Dentistry is to advance health by: providing Preventive Dentistry, Educating internationally confident dentists, excellent communication skills, providing academical point of view to our patients, leading evidence based innovation and discovery, meeting the oral health workers needs post graduate , creating a culture that elevates human values and dignity, syncronised oral care into total health.